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Movie Reviewz: The Losers (2010)

Tonights review, The Losers directed by Sylvain White. Written by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt. Starring Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Jason Patric, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans. Based on the comic by Andy Diggle.

The Losers

Five members of the US Special Forces are sent to Bolivia of a mission. When watching the intended targets base, the group finds out that the man has 25 innocent children working for him. The leader (Clay played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) attempts to call off the bomber heading toward the base, but the call is intercepted by a mysterious man named Max. With something like 10 minutes, the group enters the base, releases the children, and escapes to  the helicopter waiting for them. The group loads the children of board and wait on the ground because the chopper won’t take the weight. As the helicopter takes off, the group hear an odd noise form their walkie-talkies. Next thing they here is the commands of Max telling a nearby airplane to fire of the chopper. the chopper is blown to pieces, children and all. At that moment the group chooses to let people think they were also killed in the “crash” and search for the ominous Max.

After four months undercover in Bolivia, a woman named Aisha finds Clay and tell him that she can help him find Max. The group finally agrees and ships themselves back to America where the search for the elusive Max begins….

Zoe Saldana needs to eat something. With that out of the way, this movie is fantastic. I haven’t read the comic (I’m not a big comic person. I want to be though) and this movie made me want to. Jeffery Dean Morgan and Co. are all great actors. Saldana is really getting around these days. Shes also loaded because of Avatar. Another great thing about this movie is that the one liners expected in a action movie were actually very funny. I don’t know is that humor is from the comic or not, but my point remains the same. Acting was fantastic. It was slightly choppy at the beginning.

Oh, and Jason Patric was amazing. He genuinely seemed not to care about anything. He was as funny is not more so then Chris Evans.

This movie was awesome. Go see it. It didn’t try to be any more then a simple action movie, but it is.




Movie Reviewz: Clash of The Titans (2010)

Tonights review, the 2010 American film, Clash of The Titans directed by Louis Leterrier. Written by Travis Beacham and Phil Hay. Starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arteron, and Jason Flemyng.

The film begins with a short history of the world. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades – sons of the Titans – fought the Titans and won through the help of the third son, Hades and his extremely deformed “son” The Kraken. So they win and the gods take over. Zeus and Poseidon trick Hades into becoming the lord of the Underworld. Also known as, Hades.

So this fisherman is out… fishing. He sees a coffin-esque thing floating in the middle of the ocean. He hauls it aboard and rips it open to reveal…

A dead lady and a baby. The baby is very alive. So fisherman (Spyros) raises the baby and names him Perseus. Then the father, wife, and sister of Perseus are killed by Hades. Perseus is like 25 when the happens. He is saved by some army men fighting against the Gods. Perseus is taken to the ocean city of Argos by the soldiers. When the Queen compares her daughter to the Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, Hades appears and kills the Queen and tells the people in the castle that if the Princess is not sacrificed at the eclipse, the Kraken will destroy the city. Hades recognizes Perseus and vice-versa. Hades runs away and Perseus is thrown in jail. He is visited by Io, a not-quite a God woman who has been secretly protecting Perseus all his life. She tells him he is the son of Zeus and that he has to “kill” Hades. He agrees and sets off to find the way to kill the Kraken and stop the Princess from being sacrificed…

It happened again. I quite enjoyed this movie. The again part is that most people didn’t. I’m not sure why I liked it so much. The effects were sometimes great and sometimes horrible. I’m speaking of the Giant Scorpions and  Medusa. The latter was done bad. The Scorpions were fantastic. The makeup was good on the creatures like the Djinn and Calibos. The fight scene with the Scorpions was the best I’ve seen in awhile. Sam Worthington seemed stiff. I think that was the worst part.

I go into movies with no expectations. That’s why I like everything I see. I just sit back and enjoy. Whether it’s campy or just silly. Go see this movie. It’s worth it.



Happy Easter!

Ye Olde Picture Show Reveiwz: Murder on The Orient Express

*This is a new segment as you may have noticed but I’m going to go about it the same as a regular review.*

Tonights review, “Murder on The Orient Express” directed by Sydney Lumet. Written by Paul Dehn. Starring Albert Finney, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, Anthony Perkins, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and Richard Widmark.

The Conclusion

In the year 1930. The place, America. A young girl named Daisy Armstrong is kidnapped from the house of her wealthy parents. After paying the expensive ransom, the girl is found dead and one of her captors is caught, tried, and convicted. He never reveals the name of his co-conspirator, responsible for the young girl death. Five years after, a well known Belgian detective named Hercule Poirot boards a train (The Oriental Express) in Istanbul headed toward England. His friend (owner of the railroad) finds him a seat on the full train. The first night, Poirot witnesses several seemingly unrelated happenings. The next morning, when a man is found drugged and stabbed to death in his compartment, Poirot starts trying to piece together the unusual mystery. The train is suddenly stopped by a large snow drift blocking the railroad, Poirot begins to interview each passenger in the compartment. Different passengers present different clues to the crime, but they only thicken the mystery….

Oh lord. This plot is the most twisty I have ever seen. I enjoyed this film throughly and I think most people will. If you haven’t seen this, see it. One of the best movies I have ever seen. I loved the long shots and takes in. There are 10 minutes scenes where the camera just keeps going. I’m afraid there isn’t much to say about it though. The ensemble cast was brilliant and all acted great. This is almost what I would call a perfect movie. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to see it. That’s about it for now folks.

See you later.


Movie Reviewz: Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Tonights review: Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief  Directed by Chris Columbus and Written by Craig Titley Starring Logan Lurman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Sean Bean, and Peirce Brosnan based on the book of the same name by Rick Riordan.

The film begins with young Percy Jackson played by Logan Lurman and his crippled friend Grover attending a high school in New York city, New York. Percy’ father abandoned him when he was seven months old to live with his mother and later on, his stepfather Gabe, a crotchety, smelly, pig of a man played with finesse by none other then Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, Daredevil, Unknown) which was a nice surprise. When on a field trip to a history museum, a substitute teacher pulls him aside and promptly turns into a winged beast and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t give her a lighting bolt of some sort. After being saved by his wheelchair ridden teacher Mr. Brunner and Grover they mutter abut several things that will make sense later. Grover takes Percy back to his (Percy’s) house and crashes Joe’s poker party. They run away with Percy’s mother after Grover beats Joe up and start to drive to a undisclosed location. Percy’s mother explains that his father never wanted to leave and was made to but before she can explain why, a huge monster barrels through the road, throws a cow at the car, and chases the threesome into the nearby forest. The monster in question is a fifteen foot tall minotaur that looked amazing. The three find a arch that leads onto the unsaid Camp Half-Blood, but Mrs. Jackson is apparently not allowed in. She is grabbed by the monster and suddenly turns into golden dust and fades away. Percy, being the righteous fellow that he is, pulls out a pen Mr. Brunner had given him earlier, and thanks to Grover pushes a button on the side and out pops a sword. Queue heroic music. He battles and kills the minotaur, then faints. Three days later, he awakes in a infirmary of some sort and Grover walks in just in time to see him wake up. Grover takes him on a tour of the place (Camp Half-Blood) and at the fighting arena, he spot his love interest, Annabeth, played by Alexandra Daddario. Moving on, he sees his teacher Mr. Brunner, except this time out of the wheel chair and with a extra set of limbs (He’s a centaur). Percy is told that he is the son o’ the sea god Poseidon. After a vicious game of capture the flag, Percy befriends Annabeth daughter o’ Athena and a young man named Luke, son o’ Hermes. They are told by non other then the devil himself (Hades) (played by Steve Coogan who has been brought back from the dead after being impaled upon some spikes at the beginning on Raiders of The Lost Ark) that he (Hades) has Percys mother and will only give her back when a stolen lightning bolt previously owned by king o’ the gods Zeus is delivered to Hades. Oh, Yeah, and if Zeus doesn’t get it back soon he’ll destroy the world or something, I don’t know. And so begins the craziest week of their lives!

BOOM! A surprisingly good movie. For a movie loosely based on a badly written book by Rick Riordan it WAS good. The writer Craig Titley did a good job even having written my least favorite episode of  The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. The flow was good and the actors were also good for a group of youths. But there are some accomplished actors like Pierce Brosnon , Sean Bean, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, and Rosario Dawson. Jake Abel who played Luke, was my favorite character and actor in the film because he made you STILL like him even when he was attempting to kill Percy at the end. I did miss several things from the book like Dionysus, Ares, and Kronos. It kept with the story, but it simplified it. In the book, it was much more of a mystery when they were trying to figure out who stole the bolt, and Zeus and the gods were much more angry at everyone. People are saying that this is trying to be the new Harry Potter. One, nothing will ever top Potter. Two,  This was nothing like Potter in either the books or movie. On the book part, I HATED the writing in the book(s). I couldn’t stand how whiny all the characters seemed. The movie made them older, maturer, smarter and just downright better. The love story betwixt Annabeth and Percy was horribly done and when Riordan attempted drama, he fail miserably. Now, don’t get me wrong, old Rick had one of the best ideas of…whatever year the first book was released, but he could have pulled it of much better. This is a perfect example of a teen movie. I wish I hadn’t seen this when I had. The theater was packed with young teenagers and children brought by they’re parents. There is a special hell reserved for people who talk in theaters whilst a movie is playing. Sure I don’t give a care if you lean over and whisper a joke to the person sitting next to you, but you have the people who don’t even yell at the screen, just say it in a normal voice. I swear I will laugh if someone just screams “don’t go in there” at the screen at a tense part, but when you say it as if you are talking to a person in front of you in a small room where you are all alone it’s just plain annoying. You know who you are.

That will wrap up tonight boys and girls.



Movie Reviewz: The Wolfman

Tonights review; “The Wolfman” 2010 remake of the 1941 classic of the same name starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugo Weaving. Directed by Joe Johnston and written by Kevin Walker and David Self.

(Back in the summer of 2009, I watched the trailer for “The Wolfman” online. I could barley wait for this movie.)

The film is set in 1891 unlike the original set in 1941, stars Benicio del Toro as Lawrence Talbot, a troubled young man who, although born in england, lived in America ever since he came upon his dead mother at age 12. Maybe 2o years later, when in London (acting in a play of Hamlet), he receives a letter from his brothers soon to be wife (Blunt), telling him that the brother in question has been missing for several weeks and the family are considering the worst. He travels to the small village of Blackmoor to find his father’s mansion decrepit and falling apart brick-by-brick. After meeting his father (Hopkins) for the first time since Lawrence was sent away, he begins the search for the savage beast who has caused several killings in the past weeks. The trail leads Lawrence to a small gypsy camp in the forest bordering the town, where  the monster strikes when several townspeople venture there blaming the killings on a pet bear of one of the gypsies. After massacring the camp, the beats chases after a young boy into the forest. Lawrence follows the beast and is bitten, but saved when a few of the villagers from the town find him and scare off the monster. After a few weeks or so, Lawrence regains consciousness. He finds his brothers “wife” caring for him. And when a detective from London is called in on the mysterious killings, everything begins to fall apart for Lawrence…

After being pushed back, re-shot, re-edited, and re-scored (then changed back again), I was very happy for the final release of this film. To begin with the pros, It was very well scored and composed. Danny Elfman is one of my favorite composers. The script itself wasn’t horrible I think, but could use some help. It was very atmospheric and an almost perfect Halloween movie even with the badly made gore. Overall, it was a great remake. On to the cons! The main problem with this movie was the acting. Hugo Weaving seemed to be the only person who really put out for this movie. Even Anthony Hopkins was stiff. I’ll give Hopkins credit for his suitably creepy attitude throughout the movie. Benicio was also stiff, but for him the film was more of a passion since he looks so much like Lon Chaney Jr. who played Lawrence in the original film. Emily Blunt could have put more into her role, but I think she wasn’t given that much to work with. I wasn’t satisfied with the ending with the exception of the twist. This movie is definitely worth a matinée price if you are a casual viewer. If you are a classic horror fan like me, I’d pay full price. One more thing great about it – There was no Hollywood spin on it. It kept with the original storyline and feel. I highly recommend it. That’s it for tonight. See you next week!


In Which We Blame it on Asthma

Hey people!

Boy am I tired.

So several days ago, I started painting my room (light grey and dark blue) and when you start to move things out, dust gets in the air, and when dust gets in the air, I have asthma problems. Since age two, James Willis has had a relatively severe case of Asthma. If you are unaware,Asthma is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease found in roughly seven percent of Americans. Asthma also causes 4,000 deaths a year in America alone. Asthma is not contagious. It is caused by either environmental or genetic factors. Asthma causes inflaming of the lungs, so that airways are narrowed. James Willis have had roughly five overnight visits to the hospital because of the disease. Since I (James Willis) have such a case of Asthma, I must take several medications to counteract the symptoms. Due to certain circumstances, I was not able to take some of these medications for a day or so.

What I’m getting at, is I was sick for a few days. I’m starting to feel better though which is good.

Also, I’m beginning a one man band called Epic Noise. Await updates!


Tomorrow I should have a review of the film “The Wolfman”. See you then.


The Album


I’m back.

I’ve been somewhat busy and somewhat lazy. I’ve been meaning to make a post for awhile but the lazy part took over. What’s going on is I’m making a experimental album with a few friends this winter. I’m hoping to have it done by summer ’10. I’ve written about three songs and there are many more (roughly 20) to go on. I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it. So far the three songs are,

Next Day Radio

The Silicone Man

That Kid Looks Like A Terrorist

We have a couple unwritten songs that have a name but are not written. The instrument lineup is quite interesting. I’m trying to see if I can rent a  Trombone and a Saxophone. We’ll have guitars, drums, pots and pans, a viola, and several others. The band name will be “Dropkick The Punkz” while the album will be “Chocolate Future”. Wish me luck!