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Movie Reviewz: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Tonights review is the 2010 American film, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Nicholas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, and Teresa Palmer. Story by Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal & Matt Lopez and written by Matt Lopez, Doug Miro & Carlo Bernard.

During this movie, I happened to notice Mr. Baruchel’s acting. He’s like Jeff Goldblum mixed with co-star Nicholas Cage. The chemistry between the two (Baruchel & Cage) was iffy along with the character development. A lot of unmemorable movies came out this year and this is not much better then the others. The summer movies this year have been light and many unappealing.

So this movie begins with a short history of magic starting at 740 AD. There were three apprentices to the great Merlin – Balthazar Blake (Cage), Maxim Horvath (Molina), and Veronica (Monica Bellucci). After Horvath breaks off of the little group, he joins Morgana le Fay – arch nemesis of Merlin. Morgana eventually battles Merlin and kills him with the help of Horvath just as Balthazar and Veronica break into the room. Veronica uses a spell to suck Morgana inside the body of Veronica, and this  doesn’t end well when Morgana start killing Veronica from the inside. To save Veronica, Balthazar imprisons the possessed woman in a Grimhold, a item not unlike a nesting doll. Horvath escapes. Over the course of history, Balthazar captures more evil wizard (Morganians) in the Grimhold.

Fast forward to New York City circa. 2000 where a nine year old Dave Stutler is going on a school field trip. He passes a note to a girl named Becky asking if she would be his girlfriend. She writes back and set the note next to the bench. When the class begins to disperse, Dave walks toward the note only to have it fly form his hands and get caught on a tire of a cyclist. Dave stupidly chases the note into traffic and follows it all the way to a ominous antique store where it slips through the door. Dave enters and meets Balthazar who is a young as he was in 740 AD. Balthazar gives the boy Merlins ring which will tell Balthazar whether the boy is his succeeder. The ring turns from dragon statue form to ring form and latches onto Dave’s finger. Balthazar runs to the basement to fetch the spellbook and while he is gone, Dave uncovers the mysterious Grimhold. He accidentally opens the first layer and frees Horvath who is promptly attacked by Balthazar and a fight ensues which begins a fire in the store. Balthazar and Horvath are sucked into a old jar and Dave runs from the stop after spilling water on his pants. He runs form the burning store still carrying the Grimhold. He throws the doll to the side and is found by the school group and teacher. The class (except for Becky) begins laughing at him since it appears that he has peed his pants. The teacher enter the store and finds it in perfect shape. End act 1.

Dateline: NYC, ten years later to the day. Dave is now a 20 year old college student studying physics. He leads a “normal” life. When setting up a presentation for a class, his papers blow into the seating area and he meets Becky. After fixing he lightning struck radio tower on the building where she has a radio show, he goes home to find the escaped Horvath who chases Dave through the city via wolf pack. Dave is saved by Balthazar who turns the wolves into puppies and escapes with Dave on a giant iron eagle…..

As I said before, Baruchel’s acting was only OK at best. Molina’s & Cage’s performance’s were as good ask expected. The writing was lacking in some points and the story had a few holes in it. it’s a fun movie and a better kind of fun. I found it enjoyable until you let it sink in and it becomes just another movie. There were also a few laugh out loud moments which make up a lot for the mistakes. It’s worth a matinée price at best. I say this because watching it at home or at a small 2 dollar theater will take away from the great effects and visuals. The costume design was also worth a mention even though Cage looks a lot like “The Undertaker”


It’s a good watch and I’ll suggest a view or two.

3 outta 5

-until later, james