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In Which I Talk About My Musical Life

Hey Readers.

Sorry I was gone few a few weeks there. Not much has been going on. First I’ll start with my Musical life.

James’ Musical Life.

I never was good at music. My brother and sister both played Piano at one point (my sister still does) but I never tried or was good at it. One day I decided I wanted to try something. I was about 13 years old. So I began playing the Trombone and took lessons every week. I continued for two years but never really felt attached until a few months before I stopped. After coming back from the two month trip I took to the east coast in the summer of 2009 (another story for another day), I began Drums. I’ve been playing them for roughly 5 months now and I finally feel musical. My set include a crappy pair of Hi Hat Cymbals, a 14′ Snare, A 13′ Hi Tom, 14′ Mid Tom, and of course a 20′ Bass. I recently got a Stagg 18′( I think) Ride Cymbal. I will go into my garage and rock out on them all day long.

That’s it for tonight. Hopefully I’ll have a new review up soon.



In Which We Blame it on Asthma

Hey people!

Boy am I tired.

So several days ago, I started painting my room (light grey and dark blue) and when you start to move things out, dust gets in the air, and when dust gets in the air, I have asthma problems. Since age two, James Willis has had a relatively severe case of Asthma. If you are unaware,Asthma is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease found in roughly seven percent of Americans. Asthma also causes 4,000 deaths a year in America alone. Asthma is not contagious. It is caused by either environmental or genetic factors. Asthma causes inflaming of the lungs, so that airways are narrowed. James Willis have had roughly five overnight visits to the hospital because of the disease. Since I (James Willis) have such a case of Asthma, I must take several medications to counteract the symptoms. Due to certain circumstances, I was not able to take some of these medications for a day or so.

What I’m getting at, is I was sick for a few days. I’m starting to feel better though which is good.

Also, I’m beginning a one man band called Epic Noise. Await updates!


Tomorrow I should have a review of the film “The Wolfman”. See you then.


In Which I Speak About a few thoughts and a movie.

Dear internet,

Today I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I feel I must make a post since I remembered and If I don’t make one, I’ll probably forget. Over the past week or so, We (as in me and my sister) had a small party for the Lost season premiere which I throughly enjoyed. I don’t know if you watch it, but don’t. It’s addictive and you probably couldn’t start watching it now anyway. I’m slowly on the way to a new movie with the working name of No.1. It’s a short science fiction film about 6 minutes long. It should be fun. It took me about 5 days to write and I think it’s turned out pretty good so far. The script is roughly 7 pages long.  Also, I just made a short “film” about 50 seconds long with my freind Justin. Here it is –

Curse of the Werechair on

Well that will be about all for today.

– james

In Which I speak my Mind

My heart is never broken
my patience never tried
I got seven days to live my life
or seven ways to die
Seven days to live my life
or seven ways to die

The very talented David Bowie everyone, let’s give him a hand!

Let’s move on here,

First, sorry about the non-posts for awhile there. I watched “The Beast of Yucca Flats” last night and it isn’t even worth reviewing. It’s just there isn’t anything to it. It’s the most laughable movie I’ve seen in my entire life, second being “2001: A Space Odyssey” (best movie ever my buttocks). It was incoherent and hilarious. Worst movie I’ve seen in my life. Period.

In Which Several Things Are Written About

Happy Late Year, Readers!

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to reviewing any horror movies yet. I promise I’ll have one this week.  So first off and mainly in this post, I would like to mention the birthdays of singer/songwriter David Bowie, (my favorite person of all time). Second, The great Elvis Presley (you know who he is) and third, Guitarist Jimmy Page. You know him as the main guitarist for Led Zeppelin (one of my all time favorite bands).  Back on the subject of David Bowie, he is my favorite singer and person of all time if you didn’t quite understand me the first time. When I first heard his music it just struck me and that’s all I can say. I first saw him in the film Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and Jim Henson and all.  Since then I have been listening to everything I can find of his. Just recently I purchased the newest biography, Bowie written by Marc Spitz. I have yet to watch Duncan Jones (Bowie’s son) film, Moon starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey but I’m very interested in it. My favorite Bowie album has to be Hunky Dory which came out just before he stepped into the Glam-Rock phase.  With that out, I’ll tell you my twelve minute film Spook has officially been finished. The current release date is February 3rd (tell your friends!) on Youtube and my website and here (I’ll have to compress it because neither here, Youtube, or will upload it at 2.57 gigs). Wish me luck. My mother has just came home so I think i’ll be getting ready for dinner.