YOPS Reviewz: Gremlins

Tonights Review, “Gremlins” Directed by Joe Dante. Written by Chris Columbus. Starring Zach Galligan, Pheobe Gates, Hoyt Axton, Dick Miller, and Francis Lee McCain.

Randall Peltzer is a inventor. A bad one at that. He’s just horrible. Anyway, he goes to Chinatown in Manhattan and to try and sellt his invention of his, a sort of bathroom swiss army knife. A kid leads Peltzer to the child’s father’s small shop. Peltzer attempts to sell his useless invention, and discovers a little furry animal thing and decieds he must ahve it for his son. He aquires the thing and before he leaves, he is told by the son of the shop owner that he must follow three rules – Never put the Mogwai (that’s what it’s called)  in brights lights. Especially the sun. The second is never let it touch water. It cannot drink it, bathe in it, or what-have-you in it. The third, never let feed it after midnight. Ever.

On we go to young Billy Peltzer. He works at a bank. He brings his dog to work. Skipping right over that, there’s some old rich broad who CUTS IN LINE(!) in the bank and yells at Billy because his dog broke her ceramic snowman. She then tells him that she’s going to catch and kill his dog not unlike a certain witch I know. Anyways, the dog decides this lady is a whiner and jumps over the counter from under the counter and tackles her. She whines some more and Billy doesn’t get fired. He goes home after chillaxin’ at a bar with his lady friend. So he’s home with his mother and his inept father comes home. He gives Billy the Mogwai and we learn it’s name is Gizmo. So Billy is pretty cool on this whole sentient pet thing when his 10-11 year old friend who look suspiciously like Danny Torrence from “The Shining” knocks a jar of water on Gizmo. Gizmo start to bubble and froth as he writhes on the ground. He pops out what looks like Tribbles and they quickly transform into more Mogwai. Except they’re evil now. This one with a white Mohawk seems to be their leader and tricks Billy into feeding them after midnight. And they turn into little green monsters called Gremlins….

This isn’t that old. It was made in 1984. I think “Temple of Doom” came out in’84. Steven Spielberg had quite an influence on both these. “Gremlins” is both a great Halloween movie, and a Good Christmas movie. I enjoyed this quite a lot. It’s a black comedy for kids. It’s certainly scary at some points. Several characters are murdered in un-pretty ways. I loved the gremlins themselves. Keep in mind when you watch this to just sit and let the madness wash over you. It’s a really fun movie. The Gremlins are obscenely destructive and rite when you think it’s almost over it through are huge curve ball at you. On the other side, I hated Gizmo. He’s grossly cute. Maybe if he was a little bigger and stupider, he wouldn’t annoy me so much. It’s a good horror movie for kids I think. It should suitably scare the you-know-what out of them. Anybody from 5-10.

You can tell it’s a Spielberg movie. Lot’s of fog and green lights. But it all works beautifully. I’m still bothered by the end where all the Gremlins are dressed in fitting clothes. Where’d they get those? I mean, really?

All in all, it’s a great movie. Defiantly see it. It’s worth it.


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