In Which I Talk About My Musical Life

Hey Readers.

Sorry I was gone few a few weeks there. Not much has been going on. First I’ll start with my Musical life.

James’ Musical Life.

I never was good at music. My brother and sister both played Piano at one point (my sister still does) but I never tried or was good at it. One day I decided I wanted to try something. I was about 13 years old. So I began playing the Trombone and took lessons every week. I continued for two years but never really felt attached until a few months before I stopped. After coming back from the two month trip I took to the east coast in the summer of 2009 (another story for another day), I began Drums. I’ve been playing them for roughly 5 months now and I finally feel musical. My set include a crappy pair of Hi Hat Cymbals, a 14′ Snare, A 13′ Hi Tom, 14′ Mid Tom, and of course a 20′ Bass. I recently got a Stagg 18′( I think) Ride Cymbal. I will go into my garage and rock out on them all day long.

That’s it for tonight. Hopefully I’ll have a new review up soon.


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