Movie Reviewz: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010)

Tonights review is the 2010 American film, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Nicholas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina, and Teresa Palmer. Story by Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal & Matt Lopez and written by Matt Lopez, Doug Miro & Carlo Bernard.

During this movie, I happened to notice Mr. Baruchel’s acting. He’s like Jeff Goldblum mixed with co-star Nicholas Cage. The chemistry between the two (Baruchel & Cage) was iffy along with the character development. A lot of unmemorable movies came out this year and this is not much better then the others. The summer movies this year have been light and many unappealing.

So this movie begins with a short history of magic starting at 740 AD. There were three apprentices to the great Merlin – Balthazar Blake (Cage), Maxim Horvath (Molina), and Veronica (Monica Bellucci). After Horvath breaks off of the little group, he joins Morgana le Fay – arch nemesis of Merlin. Morgana eventually battles Merlin and kills him with the help of Horvath just as Balthazar and Veronica break into the room. Veronica uses a spell to suck Morgana inside the body of Veronica, and this  doesn’t end well when Morgana start killing Veronica from the inside. To save Veronica, Balthazar imprisons the possessed woman in a Grimhold, a item not unlike a nesting doll. Horvath escapes. Over the course of history, Balthazar captures more evil wizard (Morganians) in the Grimhold.

Fast forward to New York City circa. 2000 where a nine year old Dave Stutler is going on a school field trip. He passes a note to a girl named Becky asking if she would be his girlfriend. She writes back and set the note next to the bench. When the class begins to disperse, Dave walks toward the note only to have it fly form his hands and get caught on a tire of a cyclist. Dave stupidly chases the note into traffic and follows it all the way to a ominous antique store where it slips through the door. Dave enters and meets Balthazar who is a young as he was in 740 AD. Balthazar gives the boy Merlins ring which will tell Balthazar whether the boy is his succeeder. The ring turns from dragon statue form to ring form and latches onto Dave’s finger. Balthazar runs to the basement to fetch the spellbook and while he is gone, Dave uncovers the mysterious Grimhold. He accidentally opens the first layer and frees Horvath who is promptly attacked by Balthazar and a fight ensues which begins a fire in the store. Balthazar and Horvath are sucked into a old jar and Dave runs from the stop after spilling water on his pants. He runs form the burning store still carrying the Grimhold. He throws the doll to the side and is found by the school group and teacher. The class (except for Becky) begins laughing at him since it appears that he has peed his pants. The teacher enter the store and finds it in perfect shape. End act 1.

Dateline: NYC, ten years later to the day. Dave is now a 20 year old college student studying physics. He leads a “normal” life. When setting up a presentation for a class, his papers blow into the seating area and he meets Becky. After fixing he lightning struck radio tower on the building where she has a radio show, he goes home to find the escaped Horvath who chases Dave through the city via wolf pack. Dave is saved by Balthazar who turns the wolves into puppies and escapes with Dave on a giant iron eagle…..

As I said before, Baruchel’s acting was only OK at best. Molina’s & Cage’s performance’s were as good ask expected. The writing was lacking in some points and the story had a few holes in it. it’s a fun movie and a better kind of fun. I found it enjoyable until you let it sink in and it becomes just another movie. There were also a few laugh out loud moments which make up a lot for the mistakes. It’s worth a matinée price at best. I say this because watching it at home or at a small 2 dollar theater will take away from the great effects and visuals. The costume design was also worth a mention even though Cage looks a lot like “The Undertaker”


It’s a good watch and I’ll suggest a view or two.

3 outta 5

-until later, james


Movie Reviewz: The Losers (2010)

Tonights review, The Losers directed by Sylvain White. Written by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt. Starring Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Jason Patric, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans. Based on the comic by Andy Diggle.

The Losers

Five members of the US Special Forces are sent to Bolivia of a mission. When watching the intended targets base, the group finds out that the man has 25 innocent children working for him. The leader (Clay played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) attempts to call off the bomber heading toward the base, but the call is intercepted by a mysterious man named Max. With something like 10 minutes, the group enters the base, releases the children, and escapes to  the helicopter waiting for them. The group loads the children of board and wait on the ground because the chopper won’t take the weight. As the helicopter takes off, the group hear an odd noise form their walkie-talkies. Next thing they here is the commands of Max telling a nearby airplane to fire of the chopper. the chopper is blown to pieces, children and all. At that moment the group chooses to let people think they were also killed in the “crash” and search for the ominous Max.

After four months undercover in Bolivia, a woman named Aisha finds Clay and tell him that she can help him find Max. The group finally agrees and ships themselves back to America where the search for the elusive Max begins….

Zoe Saldana needs to eat something. With that out of the way, this movie is fantastic. I haven’t read the comic (I’m not a big comic person. I want to be though) and this movie made me want to. Jeffery Dean Morgan and Co. are all great actors. Saldana is really getting around these days. Shes also loaded because of Avatar. Another great thing about this movie is that the one liners expected in a action movie were actually very funny. I don’t know is that humor is from the comic or not, but my point remains the same. Acting was fantastic. It was slightly choppy at the beginning.

Oh, and Jason Patric was amazing. He genuinely seemed not to care about anything. He was as funny is not more so then Chris Evans.

This movie was awesome. Go see it. It didn’t try to be any more then a simple action movie, but it is.



Movie Reviewz: Date Night

Tonights review, Date Night directed by Shawn Levey. Written by Josh Klausner. Starring Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Ray Liotta.

Phil and Claire Foster are a married couple with two who’s life seems to repeat itself everyday. Phil, a Tax Advisor and Claire, a Realtor, go out once a week on a “Date Night” at a local restaurant. When they both hear about a couple they’ve known for years – played by a bearded Mark Ruffalo and Kristen Wiig – is breaking up, they decide to spice things up and go to New York City on their Date Night. They try to get into a trendy seafood restaurant called Claw where the unhelpful Maître d’ tells them to wait at the bar. When they hear a waitress shouting the name Triplehorn, Phil takes the table after no one answers. Halfway through their meal, two men – named Collins and Armstrong –  come to the table and ask them to step outside. They do so and the men start to accuse the couple of stealing a flash drive of some sort they stole from mobster Joe Milleto play by Ray Liotta. The two men believe they are the Fosters and that they go by the alias Triplehorn. Phil, without think, tells the two men that the flash drive is hidden in Central Park…

I didn’t like this movie. You’d think that the two of the best comedians in the world right now in one movie would be awesome. I wasn’t entertained for the running time 88 minutes more then 3 times. It felt like they wrote a 50 page script and stretched it out as long as they could. Jokes were over used and got old fast. The ending was idiotic also. I really wanted to like this movie. It’s a shame I didn’t.



EDIT – 4.13.2010

After letting this movie sink in for awhile, I have started to like it much more.


Movie Reviewz: Clash of The Titans (2010)

Tonights review, the 2010 American film, Clash of The Titans directed by Louis Leterrier. Written by Travis Beacham and Phil Hay. Starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arteron, and Jason Flemyng.

The film begins with a short history of the world. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades – sons of the Titans – fought the Titans and won through the help of the third son, Hades and his extremely deformed “son” The Kraken. So they win and the gods take over. Zeus and Poseidon trick Hades into becoming the lord of the Underworld. Also known as, Hades.

So this fisherman is out… fishing. He sees a coffin-esque thing floating in the middle of the ocean. He hauls it aboard and rips it open to reveal…

A dead lady and a baby. The baby is very alive. So fisherman (Spyros) raises the baby and names him Perseus. Then the father, wife, and sister of Perseus are killed by Hades. Perseus is like 25 when the happens. He is saved by some army men fighting against the Gods. Perseus is taken to the ocean city of Argos by the soldiers. When the Queen compares her daughter to the Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, Hades appears and kills the Queen and tells the people in the castle that if the Princess is not sacrificed at the eclipse, the Kraken will destroy the city. Hades recognizes Perseus and vice-versa. Hades runs away and Perseus is thrown in jail. He is visited by Io, a not-quite a God woman who has been secretly protecting Perseus all his life. She tells him he is the son of Zeus and that he has to “kill” Hades. He agrees and sets off to find the way to kill the Kraken and stop the Princess from being sacrificed…

It happened again. I quite enjoyed this movie. The again part is that most people didn’t. I’m not sure why I liked it so much. The effects were sometimes great and sometimes horrible. I’m speaking of the Giant Scorpions and  Medusa. The latter was done bad. The Scorpions were fantastic. The makeup was good on the creatures like the Djinn and Calibos. The fight scene with the Scorpions was the best I’ve seen in awhile. Sam Worthington seemed stiff. I think that was the worst part.

I go into movies with no expectations. That’s why I like everything I see. I just sit back and enjoy. Whether it’s campy or just silly. Go see this movie. It’s worth it.



Happy Easter!

YOPS Reviewz: Gremlins

Tonights Review, “Gremlins” Directed by Joe Dante. Written by Chris Columbus. Starring Zach Galligan, Pheobe Gates, Hoyt Axton, Dick Miller, and Francis Lee McCain.

Randall Peltzer is a inventor. A bad one at that. He’s just horrible. Anyway, he goes to Chinatown in Manhattan and to try and sellt his invention of his, a sort of bathroom swiss army knife. A kid leads Peltzer to the child’s father’s small shop. Peltzer attempts to sell his useless invention, and discovers a little furry animal thing and decieds he must ahve it for his son. He aquires the thing and before he leaves, he is told by the son of the shop owner that he must follow three rules – Never put the Mogwai (that’s what it’s called)  in brights lights. Especially the sun. The second is never let it touch water. It cannot drink it, bathe in it, or what-have-you in it. The third, never let feed it after midnight. Ever.

On we go to young Billy Peltzer. He works at a bank. He brings his dog to work. Skipping right over that, there’s some old rich broad who CUTS IN LINE(!) in the bank and yells at Billy because his dog broke her ceramic snowman. She then tells him that she’s going to catch and kill his dog not unlike a certain witch I know. Anyways, the dog decides this lady is a whiner and jumps over the counter from under the counter and tackles her. She whines some more and Billy doesn’t get fired. He goes home after chillaxin’ at a bar with his lady friend. So he’s home with his mother and his inept father comes home. He gives Billy the Mogwai and we learn it’s name is Gizmo. So Billy is pretty cool on this whole sentient pet thing when his 10-11 year old friend who look suspiciously like Danny Torrence from “The Shining” knocks a jar of water on Gizmo. Gizmo start to bubble and froth as he writhes on the ground. He pops out what looks like Tribbles and they quickly transform into more Mogwai. Except they’re evil now. This one with a white Mohawk seems to be their leader and tricks Billy into feeding them after midnight. And they turn into little green monsters called Gremlins….

This isn’t that old. It was made in 1984. I think “Temple of Doom” came out in’84. Steven Spielberg had quite an influence on both these. “Gremlins” is both a great Halloween movie, and a Good Christmas movie. I enjoyed this quite a lot. It’s a black comedy for kids. It’s certainly scary at some points. Several characters are murdered in un-pretty ways. I loved the gremlins themselves. Keep in mind when you watch this to just sit and let the madness wash over you. It’s a really fun movie. The Gremlins are obscenely destructive and rite when you think it’s almost over it through are huge curve ball at you. On the other side, I hated Gizmo. He’s grossly cute. Maybe if he was a little bigger and stupider, he wouldn’t annoy me so much. It’s a good horror movie for kids I think. It should suitably scare the you-know-what out of them. Anybody from 5-10.

You can tell it’s a Spielberg movie. Lot’s of fog and green lights. But it all works beautifully. I’m still bothered by the end where all the Gremlins are dressed in fitting clothes. Where’d they get those? I mean, really?

All in all, it’s a great movie. Defiantly see it. It’s worth it.


Ye Olde Picture Show Reveiwz: Murder on The Orient Express

*This is a new segment as you may have noticed but I’m going to go about it the same as a regular review.*

Tonights review, “Murder on The Orient Express” directed by Sydney Lumet. Written by Paul Dehn. Starring Albert Finney, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, Anthony Perkins, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and Richard Widmark.

The Conclusion

In the year 1930. The place, America. A young girl named Daisy Armstrong is kidnapped from the house of her wealthy parents. After paying the expensive ransom, the girl is found dead and one of her captors is caught, tried, and convicted. He never reveals the name of his co-conspirator, responsible for the young girl death. Five years after, a well known Belgian detective named Hercule Poirot boards a train (The Oriental Express) in Istanbul headed toward England. His friend (owner of the railroad) finds him a seat on the full train. The first night, Poirot witnesses several seemingly unrelated happenings. The next morning, when a man is found drugged and stabbed to death in his compartment, Poirot starts trying to piece together the unusual mystery. The train is suddenly stopped by a large snow drift blocking the railroad, Poirot begins to interview each passenger in the compartment. Different passengers present different clues to the crime, but they only thicken the mystery….

Oh lord. This plot is the most twisty I have ever seen. I enjoyed this film throughly and I think most people will. If you haven’t seen this, see it. One of the best movies I have ever seen. I loved the long shots and takes in. There are 10 minutes scenes where the camera just keeps going. I’m afraid there isn’t much to say about it though. The ensemble cast was brilliant and all acted great. This is almost what I would call a perfect movie. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to see it. That’s about it for now folks.

See you later.


In Which I Talk About My Musical Life

Hey Readers.

Sorry I was gone few a few weeks there. Not much has been going on. First I’ll start with my Musical life.

James’ Musical Life.

I never was good at music. My brother and sister both played Piano at one point (my sister still does) but I never tried or was good at it. One day I decided I wanted to try something. I was about 13 years old. So I began playing the Trombone and took lessons every week. I continued for two years but never really felt attached until a few months before I stopped. After coming back from the two month trip I took to the east coast in the summer of 2009 (another story for another day), I began Drums. I’ve been playing them for roughly 5 months now and I finally feel musical. My set include a crappy pair of Hi Hat Cymbals, a 14′ Snare, A 13′ Hi Tom, 14′ Mid Tom, and of course a 20′ Bass. I recently got a Stagg 18′( I think) Ride Cymbal. I will go into my garage and rock out on them all day long.

That’s it for tonight. Hopefully I’ll have a new review up soon.